We present you.. Mayapan !!!

This is the name of the virtual reality game that we were cooking. Here is a brief description of it:

Conquer the great pyramid of Mayapan by showing your point and shoot skills. Use two crossbows and clear your way all over to the top. Match colors and make use of special bonuses. Beware, some bonuses are good, others are not! Also, keep track of flying bonuses, those are the special ones.

Feeling good? Try the Survival chamber, at the pyramid’s lower level. Resist as long as you can.. or taste the heated lava! Have local scores for you and your friends. Also compete with other Oculus players in the general leaderboard! Be the best!

Mayapan awaits you!

New VR game

The latest game by Quasar Studios is almost here. In the past 2 years development has shifted to a VR experience that will be first available on the Oculus platform. Do you own a Meta Quest device? Good, then you can experience it. If you own an older PC connected Oculus headset, the game will be available as a PC game, too. More news coming soon.

10 Reasons Why Virtual Reality Is A Game Changer

New website

We are glad we have a new website for our content. We will update it with old games and future projects. Stay tuned