Mayapan VR Game Demo

Here comes the free version of Mayapan. A limited play, but no less exciting than the full version.

In the virtual halls of the Mayan pyramid, you’ll embark on a quest like no other. Your mission? To master the art of marble-shooting. With two crossbows at your disposal and some nifty VR controls, you’ll need to hit the marbles, make combos, advancing through pyramid’s intricate chambers. It’s like solving a centuries-old puzzle while playing a bizarre game of colors, all in one.

Every level is a new adventure but also the ultimate quest for high scores. So, channel your inner competitive spirit and show those ancient Mayans that you can conquer their pyramid like no one else ever could.

Feeling brave? Take a dip into Survival mode, where the pressure mounts up with every second spent in the pyramid’s lower level. You’ll need cat-like reflexes, a keen eye, and a dollop of luck to survive.

Try now the Mayapan Demo, free on all Meta Quest devices:

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